Cheap Flower Girl Dresses Online

Second only to the appearance of the bride herself, the moment the flower girl walks down the aisle is the most delightful at any wedding. Here’s how to make sure that your special flower girl makes the greatest impact by choosing the perfect little gown for your wedding day.

  • What should I consider when choosing a flower girl dress?

    There are several factors to consider when choosing a dress for the little girl on your big day. How formal is the wedding? What season does the wedding take place in? How comfortable is the dress for the child to wear? Does the wedding have a color theme? Most importantly, you should choose a dress that your chosen girl will be comfortable wearing. Can she walk easily in a long dress? If not then perhaps a tea length or knee length dress is the best choice.

  • When is the best time to buy a flower girl dress?

    All experts recommend that you buy your dress within two to three months of the wedding day and no earlier. Children grow fast at that age, so it is best to purchase your dress closer to the wedding.

  • How do I make sure it fits?

    To ensure a good fit, measure the waist, bust and the length from the shoulder to where the hemline falls (this will be different depending on the style of dress you choose). Your flower girl might be happy to attend dress fittings with the bridal party. Don’t forget to leave a little room for your flower girl to grow and avoid any disappointments on the actual wedding day.

  • What fabric should I choose?

    Tulle flower girl dresses, and lace dresses, are very popular choices. Velvets are wonderful for a winter wedding, and satin is a year round classic. Choose a fabric that is comfortable on the child and will stand up to wedding day wear and tear.

  • Where can I buy a flower girl dress?

    In Sydney and throughout Australia are many places to find flower girl dresses for sale. Often you can find a dress in the same shop that you bought your wedding gown. Keep in mind that some gowns have flower girl dresses already designed to match. Sydney boasts many stores that sell beautiful wedding party dresses. Don’t forget that you can also shop for a flower girl dress online.

  • Are there ways to save money when buying the dress?

    Yes. As with wedding dresses, prices can range from cheap to “the sky’s the limit”. Your flower girl’s parents may be paying, so it is considerate to keep your choice of flower girl dress affordable. There are many places to find budget dresses. In Australia there are many sources for discount flower girl dresses. A google search for “flower girl dresses online au” or “discount flower girl dresses” will yield many good sources for your perfect dress. Some wedding parties have more than one flower girl. Having to buy several dresses means that the lovely but cheap flower girl dress is a great choice!

  • How can I make sure that she likes her dress?

    It is so important to make sure that your chosen flower girl is happy and comfortable in her dress. A good idea is for the bride to choose two or three appropriate dresses, and then let your flower girl select the one she likes best. This guarantees that she will be excited to wear the dress on the big day.

  • What are the best colors?

    The most popular color is ivory. In Australia, white flower girl dresses are also favored. If the wedding party has a themed color, you can add a lovely sash in that color. This is a beautiful effect on any length of dress. You can also make a bold visual statement by outfitting your flower girl entirely in the wedding party colors.

  • What accessories should I consider?

    Shoes that your flower girl can comfortably walk in are extremely important and flats are usually recommended. Sashes and belts are a wonderful way to introduce the bridal colors onto a white or ivory dress. For your flower girl’s head, a lovely floral wreath or tiara are the perfect finishing touch.

  • Can the dress be worn again?

    Yes! Flower girl dresses are often worn again.