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Looking for the perfect formal dress?

There are only a few events in one’s lifetime when you can doll up and feel glamorous. Everyone wants to look their best at formal occasions. Formal dresses come in various sizes and styles, but which on suits you the most? Don’t worry, read on to find the perfect dress for you for any event!

  • Q: What kind of dress suits you?
  • A: The first step in getting the best dress for you is to know your body type. Different body types rock different dresses.
  • Pear Shape

  • It is recommended to wear dresses that are fitted on the top or a full a-line dresses. They balance out the top and bottom better. Or, if you are comfortable with your larger bottom, go for more fitted dresses. Needlessly to say, you will look great in either style!
  • Slender

  • In order to create the illusion of more fuller curves, it is advised for you to wear wrap dresses or a belt/stash dress. It will bring more attention to your waist in order to give your curves a boost.
  • Busty

  • You have several options to choose from. If you would like to draw more attention to your chest, pick a dress with a nice neckline that suits you for example a sweetheart or sharp neckline. But make sure there is enough coverage for your night of fun! If you would like to draw attention away from your chest, look for dresses that have a more decorated hemline to redirect the attention.
  • Petite

  • In order to appear a little more bigger or taller, look for dresses that are shorter with a asymmetrical hemline. They will show more leg and make you appear taller. In addition, ruffles and solid color dresses will look gorgeous on you and add to your height illusion.
  • Hourglass

  • If you have this body shape, consider yourself lucky! Any length, color, and style of dress will look flattering on you. To look more glamorous, long and fitted dresses will bring out your curves and elegance.
  • Apple

  • If you have a little tummy, no worries! Look for dresses that have a higher waist line to draw attention away! Long empire waist line dresses will make you look innocent and pretty while shorter dresses will make you look sweet and playful.
  • Q: What color should I wear?
  • A: Everyone is unique. Therefore, you must choose a dress that compliments every aspect of you, from your body type to your skin tone. Ladies with blonde, light brown, or strawberry blonde hair and light eyes should choose dresses that contrasts with their lighter complexion. Look for reds, peach, bronze, green, or gold dresses. It is best to avoid dark or dull shades as well as black and white. Ladies who are natural blonde or dark brunettes should look for light pastel colored dresses and avoid colors like black and orange. Ladies with redheads and natural brunettes should look for warmer colored dresses such as champagne, ivory, gold, and orange. Avoid bright colors, white, and black. Ladies with blue or pink undertones should look for sharp colors such as white, black, hot pink, ruby, and navy. It is best to avoid neutral colors such as champagne, and grey.
  • Q: Where do I buy cheap, but good quality formal dresses?
  • A: If you cannot find a good formal dress store around you, no worries! There are many online sites that offer online sales and discounts on formal dresses in Sydney.You can always find weekly sales on different dress styles with up to 75% off the original price. You can browse based on style, length, or occasion. They also provide additional fabric with your order in case you have to do minor size adjustments! Another popular site is Marie Formal ( that is specific to Sydney. They have beautiful high quality formal dresses for you to browse through by length, style, fabric, neckline, etc. You are sure to find your perfect dress here!