Party Dresses

When it comes to choosing a party dress for your occasion, you’ll want to choose something that is going to impress. With our great range of party dresses, we’ll have something that is sure to be just right for the event.

How long before the party should I choose my dress?

Generally, most people prefer to choose their dress at least two weeks before the party in case of alterations or changes which need to be made.

Are party dresses OK to re-wear to other events? 

Of course, many people wear their party dresses to several formal occasions. If you choose a themed party dress then you may not be in a position to wear the garment a second time however.

What should you look for in a party dress?

Choosing a party dress which has sufficient room to keep you comfortable is important. Many people often are too ambitious in their sizing and become uncomfortable during the event. You should also look for a high quality fabric and appropriate sewing.

My party is themed, should I wear a themed dress?

If your invitation requests themed dress, it is advisable to wear a themed dress as most other people will generally get in the spirit and dress-up. This does not mean you need to choose a completely ‘out there’ garment, instead you can wear one of our normal party dresses and ‘tizz’ it up with a fancy mask or hat.